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Buying a funeral plan represents a substantial outlay for most people, so how can you ensure that you are buying a secure plan from a trusted company?

Most trusted funeral plans companies will hold your money independently of their own businesses, within a secure trust fund, which is setup in conjunction with a well known firm of solicitors, and overseen by an independent panel of qualified trustees. The trust funds are managed by large UK investment trust fund managers. The funds are underwritten by the UK government, to provide Guaranteed security, in the same ways as your savings are protected by banks and building societies.

Within the UK there are a plethora of "so called funeral plans regulators", but in actual fact, the case is that the industry is currently "unregulated". We as a business have been calling for many years for a form of proper regulation to be introduced, one which will oversee the conduct of all of the companies who operate within our market, making sure that the customer is focused upon as being the most important person to be protected by quality, security and value for money.

We believe that the National Federation Of Funeral Directors Fair Price Charter, is the only body that is properly focused upon delivering value for money for the customer. We embrace their ethics, we would like to see them take the lead in terms of controlling and regulating the market, as we feel it is currently running out of control, with the entrance of call centre operations, who are making high pressured sales, which are focused upon earnings, rather than what is best for the customer. We will always only illustrate prepaid funeral plans to our customers based on top quality, security, best price, value for money and exceptional delivery of service to meet the customers needs. We work to ensure that prices remain fair for the customer and provider alike, a proper balance, which will be sustainable and affordable for all.

The most high profile of the industry trade bodies (Not Regulators) is the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA). The organisation was formed to protect the members (Funeral Directors and Funeral Plan Providers) and not with its focus upon the financial security and benefit of the consumer at its core. Many new call centre, high pressure sales companies are opting to use the providers membership of these so called funeral plan regulators, to add credibility to their recommendations and discredit others, which they do in an attempt to convince the customer that the plan must be the best because it has the accreditation of a funeral plans regulator.

SafeHands funeral plans have become one of the largest and most trusted funeral plans companies for prepaid funeral plans in the UK. Their pricing structures are currently the best in the UK by far and they are governed by the National Federation of Funeral Directors (NFFD) Fair Price Charter. They are well established in the UK market place, but they deliver total security for their customers money, and promote the ethics of the Fair Price Charter, which makes a stand for the customer, not the funeral director, as is the case for many of the other members organisations. They have chosen NOT to sign up with the funeral planning authority, but instead they opt for the National Federation Of Funeral Directors, as they champion the cause for a fair price funeral plan for the customer and a fair price being paid to the funeral director to deliver the service. We embrace their stance, we believe that time will show that their position will be one that all will have to follow in the end. Making a stand for what is best for the customer, instead of joining the old boys club, has to be respected, unlike the position being taken with some of the other voluntary membership organisations. who like to portray themselves as the industry regulators!

Don't be duped into believing that the membership of a voluntary organisation makes one funeral plan company better than another! Consider the plan quality, benefits, price and terms and conditions and use that as your key motivation when choosing the best prepaid funeral plan to suit your needs, our experts are on hand to assist you in making the right decision.

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