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Many websites offer funeral plan advice, how are we different?

As an independent company, not linked to any plan providers, we are able to offer you truely reviews of UK prepaid funeral plans and insurance policies. We make it possible for you to access impartial prepaid funeral plans advice, to make funeral plan comparisons and we have experts on hand to provide you with detailed information and guidance. With the benefit of the information that we provide, you will be able to review your options and make well informed decisions.

Our funeral pre planning experts will explain what options you should consider, including being able to compare plans to provide you with a clear understanding of the benefits and features can be included, enabling you to select the best plan to suit your needs.

We are totally aware that making arrangements for your own funeral may seem a solemn thing to do. Choosing the right plan and maybe also giving consideration to the order of your own funeral service, whilst at the same time avoiding all future increases in funeral costs, will without doubt be a smart move and is widely accepted to be sound financial later in life planning.

With the cost of prepaid funeral plans and funerals rising by more than 6% per year, choosing the right options when you pre plan your funeral arrangements, can include securing your plan at today's best rates, can soon become a good move financially for the over 50's age group. Currently the average cost of a funeral is around £3600, according to the Sun Life Cost of Dying 2013 report, which revealed that the cost of dying in the UK rose by 7.1% from 2012, so just adding 6% per year, over the next 5 years, the same funeral will cost you £4014.68. Not only do the undertaker's fees rise, but the cost of hiring a hearse and limousine, the purchase of a coffin and all of the other associated costs will also increase, so we are sure you will agree that its got to be good to save money by making your arrangements today, leaving more behind for others when you have gone.

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What can be included within a funeral prepayment plan?

Best value prepaid funeral plans can include cover for all of the main areas of your funeral service. The plan can include choosing the funeral director, order of service for your funeral, the hymns, readings, poems etc. Making these choices not only gives you peace of mind, but also removes some of the heartache for your loved ones at the time of your passing and lets them focus on their fondest memories (Note: It's your decision whether to include as much or little of these choices).

Here are some examples of plan features available for reviews and consideration, but they are by know means fixed and plan providers will always try to provide a a flexible approach to help with facilitating your perfect choice prepayment funeral plan, with some othe best prices being available to our customers via our exclusive plan discounts that are not avalable elsewhere from other funeral plans comparison websites or plan providers.

A Review of the Key Benefits of Prepaid Funeral Plans

Standard Prepaid Funeral Plans

  • The funeral director's services and third party costs are fully guaranteed.
  • The hearse is included, but no limousines.
  • There is also a 3rd party fees allowance to cover other costs, such as cremation fees, payments to doctors fees and for a ministers fees.

Intermediate Prepayment Funeral Plans

  • All of the above, plus;
  • This type of plan includes viewing at the chapel of rest.
  • The hearse included and one limousine.
  • Funeral personalisation is available.

Premium Funeral Plans

  • The most comprehensive guaranteed funeral plan also includes;
  • Hearse plus two limousines included.
  • Full listing of floral tributes.
  • Full viewing facilities and service out of office hours.
  • Full funeral service personalisation is available.

The above information is intended as guidance to provide some of examples of features that are included within a funeral prepayment plan. Our funeral plan experts will take into account your personal wishes and wherever possible, they will tailor a plan to suit your exact needs and requirements.

Paying for a Funeral Plan.

There are various ways of paying for pre paid funeral plans, you can pay in full, pay monthly over 24 months interest free or by fixed monthly payments starting from as little as 31p a day. In addition there are low deposit, low cost monthly payment funeral plans option - Contact us for more information on the exact benefits, costs and payments of the different plans.

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