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How Do Prepaid Funeral Plans Work?

A Prepaid Funeral Plan a cost effective, practical and sensible way to take care of funeral costs and arrangements in advance, guaranteeing to protect your loved ones from your funeral costs. By making your own choices now, you will protect your loved ones from a lot of stress and worry in the future.

Taking Control

By you making a few simple choices now, you can protect loved ones from emotional stress and financial worry in the future, your prepaid funeral plan provides a full guarantee to cover your funeral director’s costs.

Protection from Rising Funeral Costs

All prepaid funeral plans fix the cost of the funeral services the price that applies on the day of purchase. The will be no need for your loved ones to pay for these services when the time comes, but of course they are free to add any elements that they would like at the time of service.

What Does a Funeral Plan Include?

A funeral plan guarantees to cover the required services for a cremation or burial funeral, within the terms of the chosen plan. Within that plan you can make choices and record your wishes for the service itself, including any special readings, music or flowers you’d like can all be included.

You can add in as much or as little detail as you choose, and if you change your mind down the line, or your circumstances change, there is no extra charge for changing the special wishes in your plan at any time.

At the time of setting up your plan, you will be asked if you would like to nominate a particular funeral director. Funeral plan providers give you this option, as it is understood that preference for the choice of undertaker, can run very deeply through many generations of a families.

The chosen funeral director is not however instructed until the time of need, this is for several reasons including protecting you. By not instructing until needed, the plan providers ensure that they avoid the complications that may be caused if the chosen funeral director was to go out of business. In addition, flexibility is retained for you, so that if you were to move house, then the transfer to another funeral director is simple, with the only requirement being a phone call to the plan provider, informing them of your change of location.

How Easy Is It to Apply?

Everyone over the age of 18 can set up a funeral plan, acceptance for this varies from company to company, with many only making provisions for over50's, speak to one of our experts for guidance on this – NOTE: The earlier a plan is started, the cheaper it will be and the more the financial benefit in terms of savings by locking the pricein at day one.

How to Apply…

  1. Contact us on 0800 193 4080 – We can process your application securely over the phone, with options to pay with a credit/debit card or via online banking.

  2. You can apply online by clicking here – Fill out the form and follow the instructions.

  3. You can request that we send you an information pack by “Clicking Here” – We will send you a full plan comparison and information presentation. Once it has arrived, have a good read and then complete the plan provider’s application forms etc. and return them in the Free Post envelope provided.

What Is the Process?

When you take out a prepaid funeral plan, you’ll receive a welcome pack, which contains all the details of your chosen plan. You’ll also receive instructions which tells your loved ones everything they’ll need to do when the time comes to put the plan into motion.

How to Activate a Funeral Plan

This is so easy, a single phone call from your next of kin to the plan provider set the plan into motion. The plan provider will contact your nominated funeral director if you provided one, or they will instruct a local company to provide the service. From that point forward, the funeral director will take over, using the details of the plan as their guide. They will consult with loved ones, provide support and guidance to them and help them through every stage of arranging the funeral.

With the funeral director taking the strain, your loved ones can focus grieving, remembering fondly and if they wish, they can add their own personal touches or tributes. There is no complicated claims process, the money in your plan pays the funeral director without the need for your loved ones to get involved, with no pressures or worries for loved ones to pay for the services included in the plan.

To find out more, receive quotes and a free information pack detailing the options available to you, click on the "More Information " button below and complete your details.

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