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We are all aware that funerals can be stressful and financially challenging events. Recent figures have only served to highlight this fact. Now, the cost of even the average funeral has risen to a staggering £3,456 pounds. This remarkable increase will place even more strain upon families and loved ones during their time of need. This very same source observes that more than 100,000 families within the United Kingdom will struggle to pay for a funeral this year; an obvious concern for those who are already having a difficult time making ends meet. What are your choices?


One of the considerations that may be available is to pay for the funeral costs using the funds of the deceased. However, not all banks will provide this service. Let us also remember that there are often disagreements in regards to how the funds of the deceased should be spent. This will further add to stresses during the process.

Some funeral directors can offer their own funeral plans, but beware of this option, as if the funeral director goes out of business, then you could loose your money. Funeral director insolvency is unfortunately common, so choosing a funeral payment plan provider instead is the recommended option, as your money is held in trust, protected by secured bonds that are underwritten by the UK government, providing guaranteed security of your money.

Obtaining Immediate Funds

Many articles point out that there is a possibility to obtain the needed funds by recovering costs from the estate of the deceased. However, there are times when there is simply not enough money within such an estate. We should never forget that probate costs, legal fees and other proceedings could tie this money up for a considerable period of time. A building society could be another option, but the same logistical challenges will undoubtedly apply. So, it is clear to see that there are many considerations to address. This is the primary reason why prepaid funeral plans are the only guaranteed method of totally protecting your family. Let's take a look at what they entail.

They are There When they are Needed

The principle behind a prepaid funeral plan is that the family of the deceased will be provided with IMMEDIATE funds upon the death of the policyholder and the money is paid directly to the undertakers. There are no lengthy legal concerns, no probate worries and no hidden fees. When  the plan is first chosen, it is quite clear how much will be paid out in the form of a lump sum and it is always guaranteed to fully cover the funeral directors costs, as the fund is held in trust and grows at the same rate or above the rate of inflation. This takes much of the guesswork out of the process and perhaps most importantly, family and loved ones will be absolutely certain that the costs of the funeral are covered. This will allow them to accommodate for a tight budget while being able to address the funeral needs of the deceased. For low monthly payments, these plans are able to secure such funds when they are required the most.

Comparing the Best Prepaid Funeral Plans

Much like any type of financial protection policy, it is important to select the best one possible in regards to your specific needs. This is where our power to Compare Funeral Plans proves to be so vital. You will be provided with a side-by-side funeral plans comparison of all of the top providers as well as the services that each offers.

The best way to avoid such exorbitant funeral costs is to choose a prepaid funeral plan now. As these rates are only expected to rise, future security is of the utmost importance and your prepayment funeral plan will ensure that you avoid all future prise rises, unlike life insurance, which provides a fixed amount of money, that does not grow over the years to come, sometimes creating a shortfall at the time of need.

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