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Funeral Songs, Music, Poems and Readings

What images come to mind when we envision a funeral? Of course, we will automatically think of the recently departed, the casket (or urn), the guests and the sense of loss. However, there are also numerous ways to express our grief which are productive and that can provide a sense of relief from how we are feeling.  This is perhaps the main reason why music, poems and similar exhibitions have been so popular throughout the ages. As choosing the correct form can be a bit challenging, let's take a closer look at how you can make the most appropriate decisions when the time comes.

Poems for Funerals

Poems for a funeral are a very popular choice to keep in mind. Now, these do not necessarily have to be morbid or heart-wrenching readings. On the contrary, happy funeral poems and even funny funeral poems can make excellent alternatives. If you are looking for a more traditional route, some of the most popular funeral poems can include:


However, why not choose to lighten the mood by creating your own poem or testament? Such light-hearted eulogy poems can be excellent ways for visitors to remember the better times while still paying a lasting tribute to the departed.

Music for Funerals

Music is another very important consideration. Of course, the genre and intentions will likewise vary. Let's take a look at some of the most popular funeral music as well as a handful of options that are definitely worth considering.

Traditional songs such as Ave Maria and even Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven can often be great choices. Not only are these recognised by all, but they provide a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Those who desire rather uplfting funeral music could choose songs which reflect the interests of the deceased, his or her favourite tunes or even songs which reflect certain hobbies such as the anthem of a football team.

Happy funeral music can be another possibility. These area able to bring a sense of levity to any atmosphere and allow the grieving to look at the bigger picture. Some of the most popular examples are:


This type of happy and even upbeat funeral music will undoubtedly make others feel a slight sense of liberation. It is often wise to play such songs once the more traditional portions of the ceremony have been completed. Also, let's not forget that these are great tunes to play at a wake or a similar service.

Hymns for Funerals

It is a mistake to believe that hymns are only reserved for religious ceremonies. On the contrary, the most popular funeral hymns are just as appropriate for a more relaxed and secular service. The type of hymn will naturally depend upon the atmosphere and the requirements of the bereaved. Still, there are several options. For instance, a few notably uplifting funeral hymns can include:


Those who are searching for more happy funeral hymns can select from other songs such as Amazing Grace, Be Still My Soul or The Old Rugged Cross. These upbeat funeral hymns are excellent ways for the attendants to realise that the recently departed has ascended to a better place while they are just as effective at offering a relaxing environment. As mentioned before, these hymns can be sung at the service itself or the can be recorded and played during the wake. Some other choices for happier hymns can always include “Now We Thank Our God” and “Shine, Jesus, Shine” for more religious occasions.

Songs for Funerals

There are two options to consider here. First, you could select to employ the most popular funeral songs. These are generally comprised of a mix of both older and newer hits. In this case, a handful of worthwhile selections to consider can include (but are absolutely not limited to):


Still, there are literally countless upbeat funeral songs to choose from. Some interesting options can be seen in such contemporary hits as:


If you are looking for a bit of humour or the deceased requested such an approach, a handful of funny funeral songs include:


These uplifting funeral songs can definitely leave a lasting impression while putting a smile on the face of all guests could have been just what the deceased had desired. Happy funeral songs are only one choice and yet, a selection of numerous different types can help to live up any atmosphere.

Of course, choosing the right type of entertainment is always a bit of a challenge. This could often stem from the price of such amenities. Compare Funeral Plans is more than happy to explain how prepaid funeral plans function as well as to provide the most economical options. Any ceremony should be as uplifting as it is a memorial to the recently departed. Music, hymns and poems are all effective ways to celebrate life and to remind us all that we are but players in a larger game.

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