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How secure are funeral plans and what Guarantees can you expect?

Trusted Funeral Plans: How safe is my money?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is not responsible for the funeral prepayment plans that are covered by either trusts or Insurance in the UK. However they do provide rules for the two types of investment, which ensures that the sums of money paid by the customer are safeguarded and guaranteed to be available to pay for the funeral when the service is required.

Trade Bodies Providing Standards and Quality Assurances.

National Federation Of Funeral Directors - NFFD

The NFFD is a professional, self-regulated body, committed to increasing consumer choice and cost transparency. They are the only UK funeral trade body who insist upon an ethical approach which delivers value for money to customers via a better, more affordable, range of services when faced with the costly and emotional task of arranging a funeral.

Funeral Planning Authority - FPA

The funeral planning authority is essentially a funeral directors and undertakers trade body providing a 'Pledge to Customers' for cases where one of its registered members becomes insolvent. Their pledge requires that the remaining members, in conjunction with the FPA will examine ways to ensure that the funerals of the provider are carried out in the event of business failure. However, this is a voluntary code and it's only at the discretion of registered providers, so is not guaranteed to deliver service. We recommend that monies are not paid directly to a funeral director until service has been provided, totally avoiding the issue.

For Your Peace Of Mind.

Most UK prepayment funeral plan companies do not allocate funds for the payment of a funeral until the service is provided, which means they provide trusted funeral plans with Guaranteed protection for families that they will not be asked to pay. This is key to the ethics embraced by NFFD members, which means that in the unlikely event that your chosen local funeral director does go out of business, your monies will not have been paid to them, so it is simply a case of choosing an alternative company to provide service. This provides customers with the total peace of mind in knowing that their monies and funeral service is Guaranteed safe and secure.

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