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Funeral Plans Protection Explained In Our Google Survey - Clarity about Life Insurance Cover for Funerals

In an effort to understand how prepared UK families are, if they were required to cover the cost of a family member’s funeral, Compare Funeral Plans UK commissioned a Google Survey and the results deliver real concerns regarding the lack of preparation that most families give to funerals.
The survey asked consumers “How important is it to you to know that your family wouldn't be put under financial pressure if they had to pay for your funeral tomorrow?”

Of the 500 consumers polled, 34.7% said they hadn't considered at all how their family would cope, 16.4% said that they have got a prepaid funeral plan in place, 15.3% stated that they were concerned enough that they would like to make immediate arran­gements to protect their family, and providing the biggest concern, 33.5% stated that they were relying upon life insurance to provide family prote­ction from the cost of their funeral. The results show that 84.6% of the people polled did not have arrangements in place to guarantee that their family are protected.

Relying upon life insurance to cover the cost of a funeral can be very risky, as it very rarely pays out quickly enough to provide funds to pay for a funeral. The main reason that life insurance is so important, is that it will provide support for day to day living expenses, if the insured passes away and their family loses the regular income. Most people will use the proceeds of life insurance cover to pay off a mortgage, cover household expenses, to pay school fees and any other commitments that are part of the monthly budget and paid for by regular income.

Currently the average funeral directors costs in the UK are being reported to be around £3700.00, plus the cost of any celebrations or wake, it is believed that the average total expense to mark the passing of a loved one is around £5-6000.00.

Providing that amount of money to pay prior to an insurance pay out, is for most families a real challenge and many could not afford to do it. The answer to the problem is simple, taking out a prepaid funeral plan Guarantees to cover the cost of the funeral, there a many options to choose from and payment can be made in a lump sum, which can be considered when a pension matures.

In the event that paying in one go is not an option, then there are many low cost monthly payment funeral plan options, with No Deposit Funeral Plans being available and payments can be as low as just £4.98 per week, paid by direct debit and providing total family protection.
The added benefit of a prepaid funeral plan over life insurance is that a prepayment funeral plan fixes the cost of a funeral at the price that applies on the day that the plan starts, so totally avoiding inflation, so the sooner that you start it and the longer that you live, the more money you will have saved for your family to have the benefit of.

Your money is Safe - The funds held by funeral plan providers are held in trust funds, secured by UK government bonds, guaranteeing the security of your money. The trust funds grow at a rate that is above inflation, which means the funds are always sufficient to pay the funeral director for their services at the time of need.

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