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Why May Cremation Cost More Than Meets the Eye?

the hidden costs of cremations and how prepaid cremation plans

Due to the rising costs of burials throughout the United Kingdom, many are choosing cremation services in the event of their death. Indeed, recent reports have claimed that the price of such a service will normally range from between £300 and £750 pounds. However, this can very literally be the tip of the iceberg. What other expenses can prove to be challenging for the bereaved and why are prepaid cremation plans such a valuable option to consider?

Hidden Costs

We should first remember that many of the costs associated with any funeral are associated with aspects that the average mourner may never see. Some of these will include (but are often not limited to):

  • Medical examination fees.
  • Administrative charges.
  • Transportation of the body to the crematorium.
  • Services such as catering, flowers and processions.

It is not uncommon for these metrics to rise into the thousands of pounds.

Prepaid Cremation Plans

These plans are specifically designed to cover the excess fees that would need to be paid by the loved ones of the deceased. In fact, many of the previously mentioned services can be adequately covered. This will help to free up the necessary liquidity during such a difficult time.

In a way, these plans can me viewed much like any traditional insurance policy in the fact that monthly premiums will provide you and your loved ones with a specific amount of coverage. This figure will generally range between £3,000 and £4,000 pounds. As the packages themselves are very flexible, you will be able to make the most appropriate choices possible without dealing with the stress of any sudden and unexpected circumstances.

Compare Funeral Plans UK has compiled a detailed comparisons of funeral cremation plans of these plans and you are even able to compare the top providers. Cremation is a highly dignified process and with the help of prepaid cremation plans, you can be confident that your family will never be placed under additional financial strain.

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