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What is Direct Cremation and What are the Benefits?

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The two main types of funeral processes centre around a burial or a cremation. There are a growing number of families that are opting for cremation as opposed to a purchasing a standard plot of land. Much of this has to do with the lower associated costs. A specific form is known as a direct cremation. Let us take a closer look at this process as well as some of its advantages.

The Process Itself

Direct cremation first begins when the body is brought into the funeral home or cemetery. When the necessary documentation is completed, the body will be heated in a specific type of oven known as a “retort”. After this step, the ashes are simply returned to the family. The remains can thereafter be disposed of as any loved ones see fit. There is no casket involved and the contents are given to the family in an urn or an alternative container.

The Benefits

Besides the issue of lower costs, direct cremation is able to provide some other specific advantages. No excess land is taken up as would be required within a cemetery. Additionally, the transportation of the remains is simple. This is often not the case with a coffin, a hearse and the associated vehicles. Perhaps most importantly, cremation allows for an unsurpassed level of flexibility in terms of the ultimate location of the remains. They can be kept close by, scattered at sea or even placed within woods or another sacred area to loved ones.

We should also recognise that with direct cremation, there are no funereal or visitation ceremonies. Therefore, the added expenses of a funeral director or the rental of a hall never come into play. As the costs of such process have notoriously risen to well over seven thousand pounds in recent times, it becomes apparent why direct cremation may be an attractive option for many.

The Benefits of Comparing Prepaid Cremation Plans

To avoid out-of-pocket costs, it is always wise to choose a prepaid cremation plan ahead of time. The payment of simple monthly premiums will financially cover you and your family in terms of the outlay that would otherwise be required. Thankfully, there are a number of providers within the United Kingdom which offer such services. One of the best ways to discover the one that is the most appropriate is to employ our handy online comparison guide. It has never been easier to appreciate the standalone advantages that each will boast. Of course, we are always more than happy to answer any additional questions that you may have.

Direct cremation is a useful alternative that has gained popularity within the United Kingdom. Choosing the best prepayment funeral plans provider will help to reduce costs and provide you with the most relevant options.

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