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Bereavement Compensation for the Deaths of Two Teenagers is Unfair

Unfair Bereavement CompensationFollowing a two-car accident in 2014, teenagers Megan Storey and Jordanna Goodwin were both killed. As if this situation were not tragic enough, the mother of these two young girls believes that the bereavement compensation provided is not nearly enough. In a recent article by The Daily Mail, Tracey Storey described the £13,000 pound payout as “pathetic”. She has since began an online petition to change the ways in which the Scottish government pays out after a wrongful death.

The mother states that her actions are not a result of greed but rather, trying to establish balance in what she claims is an unbalanced system.

A Change in the Air for Bereavement Compensation

While research has shown that approximately 80 per cent of Scottish citizens feel that the current bereavement policies are fair. There is still evidence that many would support the levels of compensation to be raised. Not only will this prove to add more balance into a system, but the rising cost of funerals and other expenses could be much more adequately covered. Currently, it should also be noted that the parent of any child over 18 years of age is not entitled to any form of bereavement funds.

The Final Goodbye

Pink coffins, a horse-drawn carriage and hundreds of mourners defined the funeral for these two young teenagers.  The horses were adorned with pink feathers and many attendees likewise wore this colour as a silent tribute to these young teenagers.

While bereavement compensation is an important point, we also need to recall that choosing the best prepaid funeral plan is another excellent way to be prepared for a sudden death. Pre-planning avoids burdening our loved ones with added expenses. This sad story of these two teenagers is a perfect example of not knowing what life may have in store just around the corner.

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