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Tributes Given to “On the Buses” Actor Stephen Lewis

Tributes Given to “On the Buses” Actor Stephen Lewis

Those who are fans of the sitcom “On The Buses” will certainly be aware of the wry and funny character known as Cyril “Blakely” Blake. Played by veteran actor Stephen Lewis, this personality was finally retired recently when the public learned of his passing on 12 August. According to sources at ITV, more than 100 mourners arrived at the ceremony to pay tribute to the 88-year-old actor who passed away at Cambridge Nursing Home just outside of London .

Tributes to a Lifetime of Laughs

Amongst the tributes paid was a floral depiction of the On The Buses Logo, hymns such as Be Still My Soul and the presence of Anna Karen; the only surviving cast member. She described Mr. Lewis as “a very funny man” as she paid public tribute to the recently departed. Other readings during the ceremony were given by his great niece as well as the wife of his nephew. All portrayed him as a kind and warm man who delighted and chuckled at the attention he had received over the years.

Born in 1926 to Richard Lewis, this actor stemmed from humble roots. At various times, he worked as a carpenter, bricklayer and an electrician’s mate before eventually finding his place in the limelight at the Royal Theatre in Stratford. After his debut in The West End production of The Hostage in 1958, he soon became a rising star. Other credits included appearances in Last of the Summer Wine, Rep and Oh, Doctor Beeching!

A Proud Testament

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