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Tweet Leads to the Suicide of Jim Carrey’s On/Off Girlfriend

Jim Carrey's on/off girlfriend 'commits suicide' after posting tragic tweet - Protection Via Prepaid Funeral PlansIt is often said that the painted face of the clown hides tragedy underneath. This statement unfortunately appears to be true in terms of internationally known comedian Jim Carrey. He and Cathriona White where known to be linked romantically on several occasions. After another recent split, the 28-year old beauty therapist and make-up artist was found dead at her Sherman Oaks home on 28 September.

An Ongoing Investigation

According to The Mirror, the last tweet that young Ms. White posted was “Signing off Twitter. I hope I have been a light to my nearest and dearest.” After not having heard from her for a few days, friends decided to arrive at her residence only to find her dead. While this appears to be a case of suicide, coroner Ed Winter of Los Angeles County states that the ultimate cause of death will be determined after an official autopsy has taken place.

A Note Hinting at a Recent Split

Besides her sad online Tweet, it appears that Ms. White also left a note addressed to Jim Carrey. While the majority of its contents have not been revealed, it can only be assumed that she was attempting to explain her actions. After a failed romance in the past, it was said that the two were once again earlier this year before splitting again in May. It is unclear as of yet whether or not this recent turn of events had an influence upon her decision to take her own life. Representatives of 53-year old Carrey have been contacted but as of yet, no response has been received.

A Disturbing Trend

To be sure, this tragic case is only one of the many examples of celebrity suicides that have shocked friends and fans alike. 2014 saw the deaths of such famous faces as Robin Williams and Philip Seymour Hoffman. While such cases have always drawn a good deal of mainstream attention, it appears as if the power of the Internet has now placed an even greater focus upon the lives of both the deceased and the bereaved. We are only left to wonder as to whether or not Mr. Carrey will be able to return to his former funny self after this loss.

Looking ahead

All that glitters is certainly not gold. The fact that Ms. White seemed to be living such a dazzling life and yet decided to end it all at the young age of 28 highlights this fact. Indeed, none of us knows what may lie ahead. While death is always tragic, we should keep in mind that without the proper preparation, our loved ones could be affected in ways other than emotional.

Prepaid funeral plans are therefore always important to consider; even at a younger age. What would happen if we left our loved ones with mounting medical bills? Perhaps our families cannot afford the mounting cost of funerals across the United Kingdom. Or, we could simply wish to have a very personalised ceremony. These are some of the issues which can be addressed with such plans. Not only will you be able to know the exact lump sum that is paid out upon your death, manageable monthly premiums will not put a strain on a limited budget.

Protection Via Prepaid Funeral Plans

Of course, there are a number of different types of prepaid funeral plans. Each boasts its own coverage levels and options. To best appreciate which option is the right choice for you and your loved ones, please utilise the resources available at Compare Funeral Plans UK. We never know what life may have in store and the tragic death of this young woman is another example of how the unexpected can change our very existence from one day to the next.

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