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Things to Consider When Choosing a Funeral Director

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Basic factors to keep in mind when choosing a funeral director and why comparing funeral insurance policies can help.

Organising a funeral can be difficult. You are likely to be under a great deal of stress while you will need to make relatively important decisions within a short period of time. One such topic that must be addressed is choosing the most appropriate funeral director. What are some of the main issues to keep in mind and how can you determine that the professional in question is the best for your needs?


Most funeral directors within the United Kingdom are members of one of two different governing bodies. These are The National Association of Funeral Directors or the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF). Should be or she not boast these credentials, it is better to look elsewhere. This is due in no small part to the fact that many insurance policies will require such membership in order to be covered within a plan.


According to the Money Advice Service, the average price of a funeral director will fall between £1,600 and £1,800 pounds. Of course, this will differ from company to company. While paying too much can place a strain upon your budget, directors that offer extremely low rates may not be able to provide the quality of service that you desire. Please note that the aforementioned governing bodies regulate such prices and a director can lose their membership if they violate these guidelines.

Personal Rapport

This concern is more psychological than it is pragmatic. How does the funeral director make you feel? Are they open and honest? Do they listen to your questions and provide clear answers? You need to be provided with a sense of comfort during this difficult time and a professional will always put you at ease.

On a final note, funeral insurance plans are excellent ways to make the selection process much easier and as they are able to cover a substantial amount of the costs of a funeral director, less emphasis will be placed upon money and more on the quality of service that they provide.

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