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More Than 5,000 Mourners For Funeral of Two Young Men in Birmingham

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When Atal Nawaz and Mushtaq Hussein died in a horrific car crash, their respected presence within the community was confirmed by an outpouring of local support. It is estimated that more than 5,000 people attended the services that were held at the Ghamkol Sharif mosque. In fact, a recent article said that some were even forced to pray outside due to the venue reaching its capacity. The two were involved in a fatal accident while driving their Porsche as it careened into a lamp post.

Due to the sheer number of attendees, it is apparent that these two young men were well respected within their community. Numerous tributes and prayers were offered and a dedicated Facebook page was created in their memory. Family and friends gratefully thanked all of those who took the time to visit the services.

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This tragic event illustrates the immutable fact that we never know when ourselves or someone that we love can be suddenly wrenched from our lives. Thus, the attitude of putting things off tomorrow certainly has no place in our lives today. In many cases, an unexpected death can leave the family in a place of financial turmoil, which can be avoided by securing one of the best prepaid funeral plans available to protect from the unexpected. The cost of even the most basic of funerals continues to rise and should a large event be desired, this may not even be possible.

It is therefore important to compare the best prepaid funeral plans for value for money, plan benefits to understand how much each one will really cost. For a low monthly fee, the family will be provided with a much-needed lump sum, which is paid directly to the funeral directors at the time of need. Life is so very unpredictable, planning ahead can provide a peace of mind during trying times. Guaranteeing that your family will not be put under financial pressures when you are gone, provide total reassurance for everyone.

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