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Elysium Space – Sending One’s Spirit into the Heavens (Literally)

Read how elysium space can send One's Spirit into the Heavens (Literally)When we look up into the night sky, we cannot help but feel overwhelmed with a sense of immortality and awe. For thousands of years, countless religions have believed that our spirits ascend into this scintillating realm. With the help of a company known as Elysium Space, this notion can now become a reality.

We Are All Stars

This firm has adopted the novel idea of sending our ashes into space. They can be scattered into orbit only to fall back as a blazing meteor, launched onto the moon or even propelled into deep space; perhaps to be encountered by another civilisation millennia into the future!

Offering a so-called “celestial experience”, Elysium Space will send the ashes into orbit as a part of the payload of a modern rocket. An engraved message of up to 80 characters is likewise able to be provided alongside the ashes. So that we will never feel far from our loved ones, the route of the rocket is even able to be tracked with the use of a smartphone application.

The Cost of Employing elysium space

As you may already expect, this service is not considered to be cheap. In fact, the lunar memorial will cost nearly £7,000 pounds. Let’s not forget that this is NOT including the normal fees associated with a standard cremation.

If you are looking to add your remains to the immortal heavens above, it is a good idea to compare the best prepaid funeral plans.   As the rising cost of even the most basic of ceremonies has made news in recent years, it has never made more sense to plan ahead and provide your loved ones with the financial support that they require to cater to your unique needs.

Whether you want a truly out-of-this-world sendoff or a more basic ceremony, financial preparation is critical to enjoy the type of funeral that you have always desired.

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