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Prepayment Funerals – Your Options

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Options for prepayment funerals – What Mistakes should you avoid?

Once many people reach the age of 50, they start to plan financially for later in life. This needs to include looking at prepayment funerals and later life financial planning can also include you looking at making a will. Inheritance tax and estate planning also focus on making decisions about how assets will be split up at the time of your passing.

Maybe you decide that you want your house to be left to your dependents in equal shares and any money, shares or the proceeds of your life insurance etc to be divided in a way that leaves exact amounts of money to specific people. This kind of end of life financial planning is all well and good, but in some situations, once people do pass, there is not enough money to meet their personal wishes and the inclusion of considering one of the UK prepayment funerals to protect yourself from the effects of inflation on the cost of your own funeral are worth consideration.

Why does not making funeral plans cause issues that you would wish to avoid.

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