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Don’t Pass the Buck When Planning Your Own Funeral

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Pre-Planning Your Own Funeral

Whether you call it “pushing up daisies”, “popping your clogs”, or “meeting one’s maker”, the subject of death and planning your own funeral is generally an uncomfortable one for most of us. This generally stems from the fear of the unknown or from not wanting to be considered strange or morbid by our talking about it. Many people avoid talking about death altogether from the irrational fear, that doing so is guaranteed to tempt fate and bring about their own demise. Instead of facing the truth and accepting the reality of death by making the necessary provisions, people procrastinate, they fail to plan ahead, and mindlessly “pass the buck” to their own families.

Why should you plan your own funeral?

·         Peace of mind

Don’t pass the buck! Choosing to pass the buck to your family when you eventually “turn up your toes” can lead to unfortunate and sometimes costly decisions and may even leave your loved ones having to “pass the hat” in order to pay for those final expenses. By planning your own funeral and taking the proper steps to finance it you can take the burden of responsibility away from your family.

·         Freedom of choice

Thanks to modern technology more people are becoming aware of the many options available with today’s funerals and they are taking a more active role in making their own final arrangements. They are choosing for themselves the manner in which their remains will be disposed of by either burial or cremation. They are deciding whether to have a viewing; to have a traditional funeral service or a memorial service; to have music or readings, or both; whether they want flowers, how they want to be dressed, who will conduct the service, etc. When you design your own funeral, your loved ones won’t have to struggle with making those difficult decisions, there will be no arguments about how to proceed and no one will be fretting over all the minor details. What a gift, to yourself and your family!

·        Cost effectiveness

This is perhaps the most important reason of all to make your own funeral plans, especially if you are over 50. Many people are not aware of the fact that once they pay for their pre-planned funeral the final cost will remain the same, no matter how much funeral costs rise before their death occurs. This can create huge savings when one considers the current rate of inflation and the rise in the cost of a funeral from one year to another.

If you are financially able, you have the option to pay for your funeral in full at the time you sign the contract. You can also lock in the final cost by signing a life insurance assignment, which basically guarantees the funeral home full payment for your funeral expenses by an insurance company upon receiving notification of your death. Another option which very convenient for many people is to buy what is called Final Expense or Burial Insurance. This type of insurance is available to anyone regardless of their health and comes in a variety of affordable payment plans.

How do you plan your own funeral?

In response to the recent rise in demand for funeral pre-planning, most undertakers now provide clients with funeral pre-planning specialists to assist them in making their arrangements. These specialists can advise you on all aspects of funeral pre-planning from financing to flowers, from monuments to music, and beyond. Most are also licensed insurance agents and can provide you with the financial options available. They will then document all of your choices, record the information for your obituary, and handle all of the paperwork for your funeral. Your signed contract along with all other relevant forms will then be kept on file at the funeral directors until the time of your death.

Pre-planning your own funeral is simple, affordable, and it just makes sense. Don’t pass the buck! Take charge so that when you “face the final curtain” you’ll have the funeral you always wanted.
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