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Knowledge is Power: Advice for Choosing Prepaid Funeral Plans

Compare Funeral Plans - Choosing the right plan for you

Just as a funeral can be carried out in any number of ways, there are literally hundreds of different plans on the United Kingdom market. Some offer the most basic of services while others cater to the high-end ceremony. Unless you are extremely familiar with the way that these plans operate, knowing which ones to choose and which to bypass could be a bit tricky. So, it is always wise to seek advice for choosing prepaid funeral plans. Although we are quite happy to address this topic in greater detail, let us still look at a handful of the key areas that you should always consider.

The Cost

Cost is the first and most obvious concern. In this sense, we are referring to the cost per month. Are you and your family able to realistically afford the premiums? Try to think ahead; particularly if you are approaching your pension. Never fall into the position where your premiums will detract from other areas of your life. If you are already on a fixed income, speak with the provider and see if the rates are negotiable or the plans are modular (and the rates can thus be lessened). It is always wise to be pragmatic in this sense.


You should also look at the interest rates when seeking advice for choosing prepaid funeral plans. Are these rates fixed or will they rise over time. Even a few percentage points can have a very real impact on the amount to be paid. Never forget that interest is NOT included in your financial coverage. So, look at a handful of providers to develop a good understanding of what the average rates are. You will then be able to make an educated choice in terms of the best which are offered.

Cover Limits

This can represent the “bare bones” of the plan. How much financial help will your loved ones receive if you pass away? Once again, these figures can vary massively depending upon the company and your own desires. Will these very same limits be able to adequately address your needs? Also, is the policy modular? Can you pay higher premiums in the future should you require more coverage or your desires change? Flexible limits are one of the signs of a trustworthy company.

Never be afraid to ask questions. A great place to begin is by perusing our overview of these plans. Here, these and other factors are discussed in greater detail. You have the ability and the very real right to make the best choices possible to protect your family in the future. Why not begin today and enjoy the security that inevitably arises as a direct result?

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