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Green Burials: The Right Choice?

Green Burials: Making The Right Choice
A brief look at why green burials are becoming popular and how to find the best types of funeral insurance.

Although many have not heard of the term “green burials”, these alternative funeral methods are becoming quite popular. The basic premise behind such a burial is to allow the body to become integrated with the earth and provide further life to the nature which it embraces. So, embalming fluids are not used and the vessel is allowed to degrade as nature had intended. A coffin may also not be present, but biodegradable units are gaining in popularity. This is an excellent means to give back to the earth at the end of one’s life.

Australian director Any Brown recently produced a film entitled A Will for the Woods. This documentary has enabled many to appreciate the benefits that a green burial has to offer. In a recent interview, she stated that:

“I think what people really connect to is the emotional, spiritual aspect. That is why we tell a personal story in the film. It’s a lot more comforting to visit these sites that remind you more of the presence of life rather than the aspects of death.”

Indeed, this may be a very attractive alternative to more traditional methods. It is still the ultimate decision of those involved whether or not to select this option. There are additional concerns that need to be addressed and one of the most profound is the cost of such a rite.

Understanding Different Offers

One way to tackle the financial obligations of such a method is through the purchase of funeral insurance. These plans cover a number of out-of-pocket expenses including funeral director fees, local conveyance of the deceased, the price of a coffin and the use of a chapel.

Knowing these metrics in advance can save an inordinate amount of time. By appreciating which services may be needed and through the incorporation of the desires of the departed, a memorable green burial can quickly become a reality. What better way is there to embrace life than by giving it back to nature?

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