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Funeral Planning – Getting Value for money

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Arranging our Own Funeral – Does Funeral Planning make financial sense?

During these times of austerity, making sure that we all get the most possible out of every hard earned pound in our pocket is a must – The same can also be said about decisions that we take today that focus own the time of our own demise. Our loved ones will find it very uncomfortable in being party to conversation that plan for ones own funeral, but the facts speak for themselves in the money savings that can be made when planning our own funeral features in our long term financial planning.

The purchase of a funeral ahead of time is referred to in various ways, the most frequently used financial industry term for the process is either buying funeral plans or taking out funeral insurance, but this can also be considered under the arrangement of a whole life insurance cover.
The purpose of this article we will stick to funeral plans as our focus, which are arrangements made by a person in respect of finances and decisions for a persons own funeral arrangements.

The funeral plan can not only involve an amount of money that is calculated to cover the cost of a funeral service, be it a burial or cremation and the funds provide would take in to account the cost of hiring a church or crematorium, the use of an undertakers services, chapel of rest, a Hearse on the day of the funeral and limousines for the family and can also include the cost of a coffin or casket and an urn to care for your ashes following a cremation. The benefit of taking out your own funeral plan today is that you can inflation proof your funeral costs. With current figures showing a 6 – 7% per annum increase in the cost of an average funeral, then buying at today’s rates can save your estate, which ultimately will be the money that you leave to your loved ones, a significant amount of money and in addition, you can make your own choices for your service, which not only allows you to have some input into your own funeral service, but can be a huge weight lifted from your loved ones at the time of your passing.

Making all these decisions in the cold light of day may seem a morbid thing to do, but most people who make their own choices find that they can relax moving into the letter years of life knowing that many of their affairs are in order and will not be a pressure left behind for our family and friends to deal with.

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