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Funeral Held for Iconic Drowned Child Refugee

Funeral Held for Iconic Drowned Child Refugee

There has been perhaps no image that has galvanised the international community into helping Middle Eastern refugees than the photograph of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi who recently drowned during an attempt to reach the European Union. He died alongside his mother and his brother Ghalib. The father alone survives to mourn the senseless death of such a young soul. Since then, the infant’s body has been given a proper burial in his home town of Kobane in Syria. The father stated that he hoped the death of his son would further highlight the plight faced by refugees from around the world.

Although the plight of this family and countless other refugees is indeed tragic, it represents only the tip of the iceberg. European leaders are struggling to find the means to cope with this massive influx and many estimate that the number of immigrants reaching the European shores in 2015 will far outstrip those who entered during the previous year.

Looking Ahead

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