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Five Ways to Spot a Burial Insurance Scam

Five Ways to Spot a Burial Insurance Scam

Although a burial insurance policy is absolutely essential to prepare ahead in this modern age, the truth of the matter is that all that glitters may not necessarily be gold. Just as there are some reputable providers, there are countless others which will offer less-than-transparent services, higher rates and even scam you out of a great deal of money entirely. What are five signs that a provider should be avoided?

Up Front with Little Evidence?

In February of 2015, it was discovered that a group of pensioners were fleeced out of £150,000 pounds after they had opted into a burial insurance policy that never even existed. In desperate times, they were preyed upon and asked to shell out tens of thousands of pounds to pay for a policy which was not worth the paper that it was written on. Always perform your research and check with the policyholder in question.

The Cold Call

We are all aware that cold calls have cost the public millions of pounds during the past few years. So, avoid such calls any time they refer to an “unbeatable” funeral plan. Regardless of how much information they may have in regards to you and your family, the fact of the matter is that unsolicited calls are highly dubious and illegal. Should you be convinced to send money to ANY such company, it is highly likely that you will never see it again.

The Fine Print

Every burial insurance plan includes fine print. Carefully read this even though it may seem a bit redundant at times. Look for any hidden fees, “processing charges” or other nebulous terms. Once again, these could be ways to take you for more money that you originally committed to. Should you sign the document, such costs might actually be legally binding.

No Contact Details

Any burial insurance firm should provide you with numerous points of contact such as an email address, a phone number and even a live chat option on their website. If not, be wary. After all, it is YOU who are sending THEM your money. Should they be hard to contact, this can cause grave problems in the future when they are needed the most.

Comparing Providers

Finally, find a quality and trustworthy comparison websites for funeral plans. You will be able to obtain objective advice that is not biased by sales tactics or promises. We are happy to provide you with such an option and as we have no affiliation with any specific company, you can be quite assured that the information displayed in highly accurate.

Scams exist in every way, shape and form. You can avoid such heartache by always keeping these simple steps in mind when selecting a burial insurance plan.

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