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Factors to Consider When Deciding Upon a Coffin

Factors to Consider When Deciding Upon a Coffin

For those who wish to be interred into the ground, the type of coffin chosen is an important consideration to keep in mind. There are many types that are illustrated online but still, a basic overview is always a good idea. It is therefore wise to take a look at a few of the key factors that should always be addressed to make the best decision possible.


This is obvious and needs to be taken quite seriously. Coffins can cost well into the thousands of pounds and not all prepaid funeral plans may cover such expenses. The cost will depend upon the materials used (we look at this shortly), any ornate designs present and the interior itself. Once you have established a working budget, you need to look at the different materials that are available.


Due to the apparent resiliency of metal, many will prefer such a coffin. Unfortunately, these also tend to be quite expensive; particularly with metals such as bronze or copper. It is nonetheless a fact that this is a classy variant that possesses a unique sense of style.


Wood is a traditional material and therefore remains another popular choice. Harder varieties such as oak and elm are actually quite durable. Another interesting feature of wooden coffins is that no two are alike. Thus, a unique personality can be imbued within each design. Stylised options such as carved inlays and even portraits are other possibilities.

Eco-Friendly Coffins

Those who are keen on becoming one with (and protecting) the environment may very well choose a biodegradable coffin. These newer models make use of a durable cardboard-like material that will dissolve over time. Ecologically friendly coffins are also comparably cheaper in relation to their wood and metal variants.


Those who are on a limited budget might wish to choose a coffin made of fibreglass. It is important to dispel a myth here. Although this material is indeed less expensive, it is also lightweight and extremely durable. Artists can likewise fashion different designs onto its exterior and these units come in many shapes and sizes.

The Final Decision

Of course, it is only natural that the final decision will rest within the hands of family and loved ones. It is still wise to compare different manufacturers and speak with them personally if possible. Make certain that there are no hidden fees and the price you are quoted is the same price that you can expect to pay. Finally, check to determine whether your prepaid funeral plan will take the cost of a coffin into account. If not, you may very well be forced to pay out-of-pocket funds while remaining on a tight budget.

While cremation is a popular choice, a coffin is always the traditional symbol of death and rebirth. Please feel free to visit our blog homepage for other excellent and timely tips. Planning ahead is the best way to avoid complications in the future.

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