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Are Funeral Plans Cheaper For A Cremation or Burial.

The rising costs of funerals and why a prepaid funeral plan can save money.

Using Funeral plans when planning a cremation or burial service.

UK funeral Directors are the experts in this field and here they discuss the rising cost of a traditional burial, and how cremation is a cheaper option. We will help you by examining the different types of cremation available, how a cremation differs from a traditional burial and how cremation is a suited option when planning a service for a loved one who has been involved in a fatal accident.

Before you plan a cremation or a traditional funeral burial service, you must first ensure that you are aware of the options available, whether you are pre-planning your own traditional funeral service using one of the many prepaid funeral plans or planning it on the behalf of someone else, whatever your reason, It is important to know what each service entails so you can decide what is best for you, and your family.

The Cost Of A Cremation

The cost of a cremation when compared to that of a traditional burial can vary extensively, by simply comparing the total cost of a cremation, and then that of a traditional funeral burial; you will see why several families are now opting for cremation. Due to the current state of our economy, money is now a deciding factor when it comes to choosing which funeral service to purchase, as funeral expenses are currently rising with each passing year. When choosing the option of cremation over that of a traditional burial you will find that you can save yourself thousands of pounds, you do not need to purchase a plot of land to bury your loved one, nor do you need to pay for the upkeep of the grave. The deceased would not need to be embalmed, which again can limit the cost of a funeral extensively. Should the deceased be fatally involved in a car accident, or a tragic unforeseeable demise, then the body or remains may not be suited for a public viewing; Cremation may also be suggested in this case as it is a more viable option. In some cases it may be an emotional choice made by the deceased before they passed away, they may have or religious beliefs or even private wishes that support their decision.

Different Types Of Cremation

By utilising prepaid funeral plans, the choices available become much wider and financing the memorial service is no longer such a major factor. There are two types of cremation available, direct cremation and traditional cremation; many families across the globe still choose to have a traditional viewing of the body before the remains are cremated, so they can pay their last respects before the service is preformed. Should this be the case then the body will need to undergo an embalming process, this is vital as it ensures that the body stays in good condition for the viewing, the body is then cremated afterwards.

Direct cremation however is when the body is not being held for a public viewing, this is for immediate family only the body is in the same condition as when it first left the morgue and it is important that the family know this.

However some people choose to pre-plan their own funerals, so that when they pass away the burden of planning the funeral will not fall upon that of the family, it gives the family a period to grieve without the added stress of meeting decision deadlines or dealing with payments.Visit the UK specialists website to compare funeral plans to find out more and consider your options and the cover available to suit your budget and personal requirements. Visit Compare Funeral Plans for further details.


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