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Compare the Market: Funeral Plans and You

Read about how to compare the market funeral plans

In the past, it is entirely likely that you would have had only a few choices in terms of the prepaid funeral plans at your disposal. This has now all but vanished thanks to the advent of the Internet and the ability to choose from nearly hundreds of providers. There is still one issue that should be address. You should understand that to compare the market, funeral plans can differ dramatically in terms of what they offer and the amount of provisions within each package. What are a handful of the main areas to address?


All funeral plans come with a certain number of exclusions. In other words, some services and amenities will have to be paid for with out-of-pocket finances. A recent news article has illustrated that these exclusions can often add up to £1,200 pounds. If you find that your finances are already stressed, such exclusions can make a very real difference. Medical fees, the purchase of a burial plot, the rental of a church and even digging the grave may not be included within the overall price. Or, only a small “contribution” may be paid by the provider; not nearly enough to cover the bills as a while. When you compare the market, funeral plans should always state exactly what these exclusions amount to.

Burial or Cremation?

This is another important choice. If you are like most, you may have already decided upon one or the other. Still, not all prepaid funeral plans will cover these costs. Some will provide services for either one or the other. Another advantage you have when comparing the best funeral plans is that you can choose to look further into only the companies which offer the burial method you desire. There should never be any need to sacrifice your wishes or those of your loved ones due to cost alone.

Premiums, Interest and Future Price Rises

Your finances will always play a key role in choosing the best plan. Not only should you be able to accommodate the monthly premiums required, but it is essential to learn whether the interest rates will vary over time or they are fixed for the duration of the policy. Finally, will the plan in question take into account the rising cost of funerals throughout the United Kingdom?

These are some of the areas that are clarified when we Compare the market Funeral Plans to secure the best funeral plans in the UK. With the use of our section on choosing a funeral plan, you will be given all of the most pertinent information and you can request further details or ever receive a no-obligation quotation from a top provider. In order to compare the market, funeral plans should be adequately understood. We are pleased to help and address your needs on a highly personalised basis.

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