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Choosing the Best Coffin for a Funeral

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Those who plan to be buried will be presented with a number of different factors to consider beforehand. One of the most prominent is obviously the type of casket that they desire. This can be a bit of a tricky task, for their ultimate cost will have just as much to do with the design as it does with the materials used. Let’s take a bit of the guesswork out of this step by highlighting some of the main types of coffins that are on the market.

Metal Caskets

Metal is a popular choice due to the fact that it is quite attractive and many believe that the body will be protected for a longer period of time. The most common metals include bronze, stainless steel and copper. However, keep in mind that many of these will be priced by their weight and regardless of their construction, the body is never completely protected from the elements.


Wood is the traditional choice for many coffins. Woods such as oak, poplar, elm and cottonwood are common due to their hardness. These will often be polished by hand and adorned with highly detailed artwork; adding visual appeal to the funeral and wake. Some are provided with what are known as “gaskets” or “seals”. Keep in mind that these are only intended to keep out excess water for a relatively short period of time. It may not be entirely necessary to select these as an addition.


Those who are on a budget will often choose to purchase a fibreglass coffin. As this is a relatively new option, there are some who believe that this is an inferior material. On the contrary, fibreglass is highly resistant to the elements and can last for decades or more. It is also extremely lightweight. Many different types are available and some can mimic the effects of wood and other substances.

Do-It-Yourself Models

While this may be a bit of a surprise, there are some caskets which can be made within the home. There are two benefits with this option. First, you will be able to save a substantial amount of money in relation to one that has been pre-ordered. Secondly, you can add personal touches that may not be possible with commercially made coffins. These are frequently used in private services and home burials.

Knowing Your Options

One thing to bear in mind is that many prepaid burial plans will take into account the cost of a coffin. This can save a substantial amount of money if you expect your expenses to be tight. By comparing such packages, you can determine which is the best deal for the future. A casket is intended to celebrate one’s life even at the very end. So, it only makes sense that the best choices be made to immortalise any loved one.

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