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Avoid Becoming a Victim: Spotting the Funeral Scam

Make sure that you keep safe by Spotting the Funeral Scam

Financial scams come in all shapes and sizes. One notorious example of this mantra can be seen in the recent investigation into a funeral insurance plan that never even existed. It is said that Samuel James and Sons Funeral Directors located in Acocks Green defrauded several unsuspecting victims out of tens of thousands of pounds over a period of years. In fact, many of those who fell victim were the grieving spouses of the loved ones themselves. This was a particularly nefarious scheme, as these two allegedly preyed upon the delicate emotional states of their victims; providing them reassurance that everything would be taken care of when in fact, their entire insurance policy never even existed in the first place. How was this able to happen and why should you ALWAYS know your provider?

Trust Issues

Many funeral scams revolve around gaining the trust of the intended victim. As they will generally be in a particularly vulnerable emotional state, this action is much easier that you may think. The end result is an unsuspecting spouse or family member funneling thousands of pounds into what they think is a legitimate means to meet the wishes of the departed. On the contrary, they will soon find themselves paying a great deal out of pocket only to see the previous promises remain unfulfilled. Perhaps even more disturbing is the fact that much of this money will never be seen again; it had been sent to offshore accounts and other locations that were difficult to track.

Avoiding the Funeral Scam

So, how can you prevent yourself from being in such a position? First and foremost, planning ahead is a great way to not feel pressured on short notice if a loved one suddenly dies or falls gravely ill. Examining each provider in detail while not under pressure enables you to make the most objective decisions. This can be a bit tricky, for each company will tout their own prowess within the field and falling victim to clever sales tactics can still be a reality.

Compare Funeral Plans UK knows that all of this can be very confusing and frustrating. So, why not make use of our handy price comparison guide? As we have no affiliation with any company, you can be confident that you are receiving quality and honest reviews. All prices and stipulations are clear and within no time at all, you and your loved ones will be able to determine which provider is able to boast the most agreeable plans.

There is no doubt that funeral scams will exist for some time. In many ways, the only winning move is not to play.

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