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Funeral on the Pitch? Not According to Sir Alex Ferguson

Did Sir Alex Ferguson Leave David Moyes With an Effective Funeral on the PitchIn a rather strange play on words, Mr. Ferguson fired back at pundits who claimed that he left player David Moyes with an effective Funeral on the Pitch. They claimed he left an extremely weak and ineffective squad immediately after he retired. According to Football 365, he was quoted as staying that those who claim he “bequeathed” the squad to Moyes were “hilarious”. He compared the statements from some of his critics akin to him having left 11 corpses on the steps of a funeral home. Still, he pointed out that the average age of the players on the squad were 26 years old; the average age for the past 25 years. It seems that even though Manchester had won the Premier League, Sir Ferguson still has his fair share of detractors.

Was Fergie Prepared – Did he leave a Funeral on the Pitch?

His “funeral home” statement actually brings up a relatively important point. What his critics were really trying to say was that he left Moyes unprepared for future games. If a death occurrs and there was no prepaid funeral plan in place, then a family could be said to have been left in the same situation. All joking aside, this is a real concern for many individuals throughout the United Kingdom. Countless families are literally waiting for the financial ball to drop in terms of having little (if any) money set aside in the event of a death. Pre-paid funeral plans are the best ways to make certain that adequate levels of cover exist. Ensuring that upon your death, your loved ones are presented with a good “defence” in regards to the bills that will naturally arise.

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