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We compare ALL UK funeral plan providers to find you the current best price funeral plans that meet your requirements.

It's important that your are able to make the right decisions, so to ensure this, we will guide you in understanding what can be included within a funeral plan, as price alone may not be the best consideration for you when choosing!

The basis of the word "best" is different for every client, for some it means the quality of what is included in a funeral plan, but for others it may a simple question of an acceptable plan at the cheapest price. As comparison experts, we believe that it usually has to be a combination of both.

You certainly don't want to buy a plan that will leave your loved ones with gaps in the arrangements or elements that are not covered at the time of your passing. Making sure that your chosen prepaid plan makes provisions, in line with need, is the real key to establishing what is really the best buy for each client.

Examples of where price cannot be a consideration alone, can be where you would like a funeral that sits outside on the norm. This could be in an extreme situation, like a burial at sea, but it could also be something as simple as a variation to the type of coffin that is offered. Maybe you would like a green coffin, a wicker coffin or even one of the latest green cardboard coffins that are now becoming available.

Whatever your want or desire for a personalised funeral, if it is the cheapest prepaid funeral plans that is your main focus or a special request, we will strive to ensure that your wishes are followed, and that there is sufficient funding within your plan to make sure that your requests are achieved.

To get the process underway, the first thing that needs to happen is for you to receive your plan comparisons information, which will come with a complimentary copy of our UK later in life funeral planning guide. This will give you lots of help and advise and then once you are a little more informed, you can have a chat with one of our experts or go ahead a purchase your chosen plan.

Our experts will make a full assessment of your requirements, and based upon what is important to you, they will research the leading UK funeral plan providers to provide you details and quotes for your current best price funeral plans recommendation - Our services are provided Totally Free of Charge to you and will include full advice with details of which plans best suit your requirements, budget & circumstances.

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Note - The comparisons above are of UK providers and based upon like for like matches of plans from company to company for you to compare funeral plan prices. You will find that some plans advertised like the "Post Office Prepaid Funeral Plans" "Age UK Prepaid Funeral Plans" are not listed individually, this is because that plan is actually the Dignity Funeral Plan, branded as a Post Office funeral plan, which is already compared in the table above. It is important that you do not choose based upon the table price comparisons alone. The funeral plan comparisons measure as far as possible plans considering similar product features, benefits and content, but they do vary, so its important that your choice is based on what is important to you, which is where our experts come in. They will provide you with information and guidance, which is offered as part of our service on a totally free of charge basis - All prices are subject to change, please contact us for details of the latest best buy plan prices in the UK to suit your requirements - IMPORTANT - Prices are constantly fluctuating, so please get in touch for the most up to date best price offers.

We are happy to equip you with the information that you need. What we provide you with will be totally independent reviews, personalised recommendations, which will be tailored to suit all of your exact requirements and detailed to you with the current cheaper, but quality product from the UK's leading and trusted funeral plan companies. To request for information, all that you need to do is click on the "Get A Quote" or "More Information" buttons, fill in the short form...

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